September 16, 2021

All the time...

I'm a little upset with the fact that my lunch today did NOT go down. That's secret agent talk for "it didn't happen" and that's basically the sucky part of doing the walking-super-fast-so-that-you-sweat-thing over the bridge, after which you have to stop in one of those "your food is cooked before you order joints" to get some napkins to wipe the sweat off you forehead and also off your top lip- I hate when that part glistens.... And then STILL managing to get to the restaurant eight minutes early, and writing your name down for the half an hour wait another question I have, half an hour? is this normal in New York...or is it normal at certain restaurtants, like the one I was supposed to eat at, does this mean it's a really good restaurant???!!! or could it just be cool???!!! ...only to leave after 45 minutes because you were both at the restaurant and didn't see each other (don't ask about cell numbers, because I know I didnt have his, and yes, it's because I'm sometimes stupid) and, therefore, still not eating lunch.

Between that and the bad dream I had this morning, the one where I freaked out on some people and then tried to apologize to them one by one, in order to bring them back into my life, but I woke up before I could tell everyone I was sorry, and then debated if I had to fall back asleep to finish the dream (I didn't)...

Or maybe it's that I'm cranky from last night. Last night when a roach ran across my friend L. and it had to be flicked really hard off her shirt. I'm happy to report that this happened after we ate, but that didn't make the situation any better - I mean - how hard is it to keep your food down if you see the roach immediately after eating? For me it's, pretty hard.

Or, maybe it's because some guy took my picture with his cellphone camera on 14th St. last night. Can you say asshole? I think that's a total violation of my privacy. A friend told me that it's illegal, and I wish I had taken his phone from him and erased it, but I didn't do anything and now he has a picture of me. I know about this picture because I saw him, he pointed at me when some other guy asked who he was taking the picture of. I saw that the cell phone was pointed at me. It was over before I knew it. Well, maybe I'll be good masturbation material.

I wonder how many other people have been the victims of "camera phones gone wild. I'm sure it happens as much as people have to wait at Balthazar - which is, in my guesstimation, all the time."

Posted by jamye at September 16, 2021 06:16 PM