September 19, 2021

Jane Magazine

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In it, on page 110 - you'll find a not so happy article about Playgirl entitled "Why won't you pay to look at naked guys anymore?" Claudine Ko reports on the inner workings of Playgirl Magazine (the magazine I write for and part of the company that employs me).

I say there's no such thing as bad press, just bad people (and no, the writer isn't necessarily bad people - this is just a saying I made up), I actually have nothing bad to say about her. She complimented my writing and ABSOLUTELY GOT WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DO IN MAKING PORN - YEAH!!!!

Actually two things made my day, and yes, I'll share them with you:

Claudine Ko writes:

"But despite the fact that Playgirl looks as if it is indeed made for unhip gay men, some of their recent editorial changes have the potential to work: photo essays of straight couples, frank sex advice and product pages..."

...even though my column is three years old, I'll take that compliment...(at least I hope that it's mine to take) other favorite thing...

Claudine Ko's final task is to oversee an instructional video for oral sex at a hipster loft..that's my video, the one I made in May!!! and here's what she says:

"Jamye teaches the group various silly erotic moves such as "the corkscrew." ... (there's like four more lines here)...I have the odd feeling of being trapped in a Pee Wee's Playhouse episode."

That was my intention. I wanted to do sex just like that...sort of a Pee Wee's Playhouse meets Deep Throat thing, one that has nothing to do with Pee Wee being caught with his hands on his pee wee in a movie theater. In fact Paul Reubens isn't even in the video...but still, Claudine nailed it on the head. She got what I was trying to do. And even if she got some other facts wrong, the male director she saw, he was really my co-director, she did do an accurate job of portraying some of what went on that day.

And, like I said, that makes my day.

Posted by jamye at September 19, 2021 09:44 PM