September 14, 2021

The Un....ited Nations


Politically speaking, I am so out of the loop. There were the NYC mayoral primary's of which I could have probably voted in (but did not), and I really don't know what or who I would have been voting for. And no I'm not living under a rock, well, not always. Today I don't feel like I'm living under a rock at all, instead I feel like I'm living in some ridiculous military state. Which of course doesn't have much to do with the mayoral primary, but I wanted to share anyway.

Yes, I'm living *or at least working in a military state.

I work one block from the United Nations. One teeny, tiny block from one of the most high profile buildings in New York City - if not the world. I do know that the United Nations is celebrating its 60th birthday and that there's a rather large summit going on there right now and that (if you can call him) President Bush was there today talking about terrorism, while innocent New Yorkers, like myself, feel like we are being watched as if we are all potentially bad people. Bad, bad people. It's really scary, the amount of barricades, the police presence, the individual checks they're doing inside each car, because the United Nations decided to throw a get together.

Everything and everyone feels like a threat today. I feel like a threat. My block feels like a threat. Something feels like it's going to blow, and it's all because the United Nations is having a big birthday party. I'm feeling more divided than united. What the f*** people, what the f***?

Posted by jamye at September 14, 2021 04:57 PM