September 13, 2021

In NYC women have more sex

yeah right...

Jamye - Queen of the Desert. Or NYC woman who has more sex than the average "other" woman. (I know it's such a small pic, but if you click on the pic it grows)

Today's NY Post is reporting that NYC women have more sex than women in any other part of the country. According to a survey from Trojan, 23% of New York City women are having sex several times a week, although I'm still not sure what type of number defines what several means. Does that mean NYC women are having sex more than twice (a couple) or three times (a few), or does several encompass any number over one?

These surveys are always good for a chuckle. WOW - 23% of NYC women are having sex several times a week. Apparently only 18% of women in Los Angeles, and 17% of women in Dallas, Miami and Chicago are having this much sex, but I wonder what the numbers are for San Francisco, Philadelphia and Boston? How come nobody from these cities are getting mentioned in the survey. I'd think San Fran would have a lot of sex, and a lot of kinky sex nonetheless...of course, now I'm stereotyping...but...

Truth be told, I don't know why anybody cares about surveys like this, but since I have fun writing about it, I'll continue.

And as far as sex is concerned, New York is apparently the safest city, with 93% of "respondents" saying that they use condoms the first time they get down with a partner. BULLSHIT. Oops, did I write that? What I meant to write was BULLSHIT. Oops, there I go again. Okay, yeah, ask a girl if she wears a condom the first time she has sex - a nice, educated, attractive woman from New York and you think she's going to answer no, I prefer to take risks and live life on the edge? C'mon people. A girl who gets drunk at a bar and goes home with a guy who insists that condoms suck and that he NEVER has done this before and that he really feels this different connection with her, you don't think that more than 7% of women and men have slipped up their first time? Or, if not the first time, maybe the second or third?

Moving right along...68% of women in NYC say that they have had sex with a partner they don't consider "relationship material" but a person that they still consider thrilling anyway. What the fuck does thrilling mean? When I think of thrilling, I think of a roller coaster that's just spent two minutes making it's way to the top of a rather steep, large drop, and it's just about to plunge over the edge, and I'm sitting in the last car because that's where you feel the drop the most. Do they mean rich, or sexy, or just good in bed? I hate surveys that don't define what they mean...oh yeah, I hate most surveys anyway..although Playgirl has a big survey coming out soon, so I should shut up..

While 72% of women across the country said that experimentation is important, only 68% of NYC chicks agreed. How old were the women interviewed? At 21 experimentation isn't as important at say 40, or after a 10 year relationship. Whatever (again)..I'm not sure what to say, but I would encourage people to experiment more when they are in a loving, fulfilling relationship, or after a point where they've had the same sex enough times and are looking for something spicy.

These are some of the stats I got out of that NY Post article. Apparently Trojan's survey was filled out by 1,639 women - ages 18-59 - and it was all part of a marketing ploy for their newest line of sex products that are geared towards women.

Surveys are ploys. Nothing more. At least most of the time. And that's the only fact I can garner from this one.

Posted by jamye at September 13, 2021 05:14 PM