September 12, 2021

Hate is a very strong word

The view from my window *I'm catsitting downtown last night. A tribute in lights to the victims of 9.11.01 - it looks like I live in a movie.

ramble on....ramble on.....

It seems that a lot of people have gotten sick since returning from Black Rock City this year (that's where Burning Man takes place). I didn't want to be one of those people, so, for the past few days, I've been denying the fact that I can't get rid of my stuffy nose, and I've been sneezing like every five minutes. What's bad about not admitting that you're sneezing, is that you don't go out and buy the really soft, aloe vera-esque tissues that keep your nose from getting overly red and worn down, and then you eventually wake up and realize that you're nose is dry and that you need to buy vaseline just to keep it sort of smooth and that if you had just admitted that you needed tissues a few days back, this whole thing could have been avoided. But no, I hate admitting that I have a cold, just like I hate admitting when I have a headache or when I'm in a bad mood.

Now hate is a very strong word. Too strong perhaps, but a word nonetheless. I do hate colds, but not enough to actually focus any energy on the cold, which I guess means I don't hate the cold, but more accurately I'm bothered by it. This cold is all in my head, not my head as in my brain like I'm making it up, but in my head, because nothing below my nose aches, even if I feel a bit tired and groggy.

Anyway, I need to feel better so I can be more productive. Because I now realize I'm sitting on quite a few major explosions, and if I just move my ass, they might go off. Go off in a good way, but still, I'm sitting on a ticking time bomb, and I want to make sure I am enjoying the experience, instead of hating it.

And now, a commercial I wrote for me!

Check out my first Playgirl "pudcast" as my friend Jeff so cleverly called it. If you haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? I'm not saying it's the best in the world, although you're not supposed to put something down before it's ever been heard, but I'm just saying it's MY FIRST PLAYGIRL PUDCAST, and I'm going to be doing one every week for the next, well, whenever, and if you can listen, please do, and email me your comments, how much you love it or hate it, or if you're indifferent just the same. When you get to the Playgirl mainpage you can't miss it - it's the silouhette of a girl on a mic, the girl sort of looks like me, only her boobs look amazing, and it says podcast. Not that I should say my boobs don't look amazing, because sometimes they do, but this girl, this shadowy figure, her boobs are totally rockin'.

Confidential to the man that walked on or over or whatever the fuck you did to walk into me today:
You are a mean, not nice, total fucking asshole, and I think I hate you.

Posted by jamye at September 12, 2021 09:33 PM