July 12, 2021

Dinner vs. Supper

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My Brother and Me...Do you see the family resemblance?

I'm trying to think of the most interesting thing I can write about, but nothing all that interesting is coming to mind. I don't think I'm a dull person, so why does life seem so dull this morning? Well, I guess it's techinically afternoon, but still, why does life seem so dull this afternoon? When I know, deep down, that it most definitely isn't.

The countdown begins until my next trip to LA. I leave on Sunday, but have made this a brief one, returning on Wednesday. I'm going to preview the sex toys that companies package and sell. I hope I get lots of free samples.

Am I totally lost in space..was the decision for the summer olympics in 2012, if there even will be a summer olympics that year, was the decision ever made about where it would take place? My vote is NO on New York. I mean, we've got enough traffic, enough people, enough ways to make money here - why do we want to invite more? Plus, we're already overly alert about terrorism, don't you think that the Olympics would bring more reasons to terrorize our small island?

Okay, my two cents on that old news. Now it's much later than before, and it's most definitely afternoon. I'm typing like one word a minute at this point, and getting rather hungry for some lunch. What times does afternoon end, and when does it become evening? I'm thinking 5 or 6 PM. But it's one of those questions for me like what's the difference between supper and dinner? I still never understood the two, except that maybe dinner is a fancier version of supper. You don't have supper parties, only dinner parties, right?


Posted by jamye at July 12, 2021 01:07 PM