July 09, 2021

Saturday on Friday

uccjuly805 005.jpg A blurry NYC 07.08.05

I can't sleep past 8AM. It's some sort of curse I've been blessed with. Morning Person Sickness. Only problem is I still manage to stay up late.

I walked past two of my "9 year relationship's" best friends from high school last night. On the subway, heading in opposite directions. One of them definitiely knew that he knew me, but I'm not sure he could place from where. We didn't speak. Just kept walking. How often do you think we pass somebody we know without saying a word?

Then....I spoke/taught at my favorite place to date. The United Community Center way out there off the second to last stop on the 3 train to Brooklyn, I thought the train ride would never end, but, in the end, it was well f*cking worth it. (I got yelled at for saying fucking while I discussed Safer Sex - I can't help it, this is why I don't hang around kids all that often.)

But the experience, teaching safer sex to 40 teens and some adults, was like none I've ever had. They were so interested in learning how to protect themselves, and interested in learning new things. And as I was leaving one of the young girls asked me if I was going to come back and teach a group at UCC. I told her I didn't think so, and she said she wished I would because I was so open.

Now, I wish I would too.

Posted by jamye at July 9, 2021 10:57 AM