May 19, 2021

Ganging it Up

exitart4mary 022.jpg How hot is this group?! (Part of) The FFE Gang and Friends of FFE

There's something about wearing glittery fishnets that brings out all the stocking fetishists in New York City. The only one who sort of freaked me out was the one who insisted I get on the subway ahead of him. Then, once I was on, he proceeded to find a seat that stared directly at me and my legs and even though I refused to look his way, I could hear him rustling around anxiously thinking of a way to say something to me.

Finally he just blurted it out "Those stockings look great on you!"

While I graciously accepted the compliment, I was also content in the knowledge that I would get off at the next stop. I guess I should rephrase..not "get off" but get off the subway..

Anyway...Mary D. is a fantabulous speaker and the acceptance of her laughing buddha award was inspiring and beautiful. I am so stoked that she is in my life..

After the awards ceremony, I met my 'boyfriend' (still a funny word to use, but maybe that's why I'm practicing using it a lot) at the after party at Exit Art. We were a bit late in arriving, and my 'boyfriend' was already there...okay, I'm just going to start calling him JA and now I'm sort of revealing who he is...cause those are his initials and I don't want to use the other term anymore right now..

So, JA was there and he apparently had tried to call me a few times to get down to the after party, cause while he looked all cute and he's got this sweet face, he was getting hit on an awful lot.

When I finally arrived he was really happy to see me. And then when he told me he was getting hit on A LOT, I sort of got jealous...

"Only men were hitting on me," he says.

So, does that mean I should be less jealous?

I don't know..

Posted by jamye at May 19, 2021 01:32 PM