May 18, 2021

Friends of friends of friends

portland_day02 034.jpg Mount St. Helen 05.12.05

Tonight's a big night. The kind that some people pay $500 a seat for. Tonight Exit Art is honoring an amazing lawyer and friend - Mary Dorman and I get to go.

There's an article about another friend Ellen in this week's Village Voice - it was written by another friend Rachel, but they've been friends long before I was friends with either of them. I can't link from this damn check it out for yourself..

Speaking of friends..I got this email the other day...
Dear Jamye:
the funniest thing happened today.
i was walking across the street from my apt, and a girl on a cell phone was talking about you, saying something like, "Jamye Waxman is a friend of mine"
so i interrupted her and said that you were a friend of mine too.
I told her my name, and perhaps she'll verify the story.
Anyway, what's up with you?
Love, S******

All of a sudden I feel like, once again, I'm on that damn Small World ride, the one with the annoying puppets singing and dancing in a variety of worldly costumes. I have no idea who S******* is talking about...still, it's funny...and strange..and making me paranoid..who's talking about me behind my back?

Onto another of my favorite subjects (me being favorite subject number one, this being number two or three)

Have you read the NY Times article yesterday about the female orgasm? Well, I can't link to it here if you didn't..but interesting nonetheless. It's all about the purpose of female orgasm, since, unlike men, an orgasm isn't required for conception.

Is there an evolutionary purpose? Or is it because, until the 8th or 9th week of conception all fetuses are built alike, and then, after a "showering" of hormones, some feti (new word that I made up if it doesn't exist already) become bathed with androgens and are therefore genderized male. But until then all are parts are built alike, which apparently explains the lack of purpose of male nipples as well.

Does it really matter what the purpose of orgasm in the female is? Or if there is a purpose outside of pleaure? And...does that the fact that a whole book on female orgasm ("The Case of The Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution by Dr. Elisabeth A. Lloyd) strengthen the importance of having to have one?

I don't know. I haven't read the book. Just the article.

Even if I enjoy having them, I wish we weren't such an orgasm-centric society.

Posted by jamye at May 18, 2021 02:09 PM