April 29, 2021

Next time

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I have a whole new attitude today. That's all that matters.

This was what I was going to originally post..but I then decided not to, only I really decided to post it anyway..but pretended I wouldn't...

Now, i'm just being silly. It's not translating well.
Why do you care about my life? What is it that makes you read this? You're not going to answer, few people do, but I'm curious because I'm once again obsessing on the importance of blogging. How significant does blogging make me feel? Or why do I do it and why are you reading this? This blog has become the measure of how important I am in your life. And quite frankly, we all know, in the scheme of things, I'm not all that important. Not in a bad way at all. The blog also measure of how close my friends are to my world.

Usually when I run into someone on the street, they'll either tell me how they do, or don't, or haven't in a long time read my blog. But why do it anyway? And why am I so neurotic? Is it really a Jewish thing.

The blog might go down. At least for a little while. It might even have to start up under the guise of another blog. I hope I don't lose it all, but I might. That spam problem is really annoying. I feel like bombing the whole thing and starting all over. Only I guess I should print out some of the entries first. So I have a documented copy of it. For me, this is the diary of my life.

Sort of.

So, I've officially decided to chill the fuck out. It's been one week of not being me. I feel like I'm about to pop, so I've decided I have to calm down. It's been a rough few days, all probably because I can be a drama queen. It's not all that attractive.

Today, I realized this and am making amends.

The shoots in three and half days.

Posted by jamye at April 29, 2021 04:13 PM