April 27, 2021

Loss and Life

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It's the moments I find to type this that truly amaze me. Perhaps I shouldn't be writing at all right now, but I feel like, while I don't make any money off of this damn blog, I'm addicted to updating.

I didn't sleep well last night. In fact I don't think I fell asleep til way after 3AM and I got into bed around 11:45. That sucked. And then I had this one dream that wasn't all that much fun. L., was in all of my dreams. She's my former roommate and one of my closest friends. I think she was in all of my dreams cause I had thought a lot about her yesterday. Whatever.

The dreams varied and were strange and there were a couple of them that I remember, and most of them were fine, but in all of them I kept losing something. In one dream it was my bag of laundry, but then we found it. Another time I broke a lamppost, and I just left it on the floor for someone else to fix...I know, my bad..but then I was on the subway and I got off without my computer, a wad of cash, and my life bag (sort of like a life partner or pocketbook, only different). It was the 6 train, and it was stopped at 33rd street for a while (how's that for specifics in a dream) but I couldn't find L., who was still on the subway when I got off, or my bag, or anything and I walked through the all the different cars. And then I got back off the train for a split second and the train doors shut and I realized everything was gone forever.

There was a lot of loss in my dreams last night. Hmm..wonder what that means?

And my computer seems to be having fan issues again. She's making funny noises even though she was flown away and returned to me. I even bought a new computer bag., and I'm treating her well, but she's still acting up. This frightens me so.

I've got to go back to doing things for next weeks shoot. No more talk of loss, only life. Something I'd like back sooner than later please.

Posted by jamye at April 27, 2021 11:22 AM