April 26, 2021


meandgrandmapassover05.jpg Passover '05. Me and G-ma.

Videoland is where I live right now. It's actually where I'll probably be living until after May 16th, when I return from a trip to the other coast.

These next few days are going to be hard on me as a blogger. I was reading a last week's magazine, I forget which one now, but it was talking about the relevancy of blogging as journalism. I guess I'm not one of those journalistic blogs, but it got me thinking, how can I make myself more relevant?

Today things seem to be moving nicely around the video shoot. Couples are getting the proper paperwork in order, the space we want to use it opening up to us, things seem to be, at least for the moment, falling into some semblance of the right space. And, I've given myself some backup options. At least as far as location is concerned. Now, as far as starlets, well, that's another story.

Uhm, otherwise, I haven't been thinking much about anything. Except that I am queen of PDA (Public Displays of Affections) and maybe, just maybe, a lot of people don't want to see me making out in public. I think I got a little carried away this past weekend. While L. my friend and confidante, suggested that I carry a bell around and pass it off to any third parties in an attempt to break up any long kisses between me and the object of my PDA, let's just say that my grandmother called me "rude and disgusting."

But I know she didn't mean it. She was just jealous.


Posted by jamye at April 26, 2021 03:58 PM