April 25, 2021


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Everyday I feel..but today I feel great. A little worried about this video shoot which is in just over a week, but I feel great nonetheless. Things are finally falling into place. I love the couples that have agreed or are on the fence about agreeing to do this. They all rock. I found a co-host, he rocks harder. I found my vision, thanks to the help of my cohost, and it rocks harder than anything else can possibly rock and..for the first time in a long while, I actually think this will fucking work and R.O.C.K...since that seems to be the word of the paragraph - and it also happens to be the first name of someone I know who happens to have a girlfriend and together the two of them, yep, you guessed it, rock...

Okay, enough rocking, there will be plenty more of that next week. Let's talk about relationships...since that is one of my favorite obsessions.

This will sound cheesy but...Have you ever been connected with someone and actually felt their pain? Call me a freak if you will, but I had a similar experience just last night. My flova turned boyfriend, why does that word still make me laugh really hard?, has this thing, this thing I won't go into cause it's his thing not mine, but it's this really intense stiffness in one of his chakras - okay, this is not as out there as some of you may think it sounds - and, anyway, it's been there since I've known him. Last night he was saying it was really tense, and I was holding him close, and all of a sudden, I was feeling his pain. We both felt some of his tenseness transfer over from him to me. It was an experience I can't claim to have ever had before. But then again, the whole night was surreal. I highly recommend everyone check out a full moon ceremony if you can..they only happen once a month (duh!).

It's strange, I feel closer to him than ever. I feel better about this project than ever. I feel like for the first day in months, I am not only on the path, but actually enjoying the experience of moving down the road. For the first time in a long while, I see my (immediate) future..and as long as something unexpected doesn't happen, it's gonna rock!!!

How's that for positivity?

Posted by jamye at April 25, 2021 10:42 AM