December 24, 2021

Getting a Life

If you were presented with the option to buy any life you wanted, whose life would you choose? How many of us would pick the same life that we now have? How many of us would pay for fame? For fortune? For the life of someone we know would remain disease free but impoverished? If someone tells you to get a life, do you think about the life you already have? Of do you want more?

I only ask because my life is my life. A "duh" statement, but one that has got me thinking this morning on the eve of Christmas. Holidays are a time when people connect with people, when one life begets another life, when ...

I'm getting distracted by the porn I'm watching....

Okay, so getting back to the point of getting a life. It's not only about the life you'd get, it's about the life you have. And the not so harsh reality is, you can't just buy a life, like you can't buy happiness or love. You have the life you have. You can change things a bit, but where you were born, who you were born too, and the stuff of your past, these are all things that are not likely to change. Are you happy with the life you have? And do you feel the need to impose your life on others?

I ask because he's getting back in touch with me, when the time we spent together was rather insignificant. He called. He emailed. Still trying to apologize for something I have long forgotten. And while this wouldn't necessarily be something I'd give time or thought too, he's once again invading my space when I've asked him to leave my life. To get and remain in his own life, and to stay out of mine.

I know you don't know who he is, that's not the point here.

I don't care about keeping in touch with people, even after the fling has ended, but when someone that lives in your world for a week becomes majorly annoying, you make it a point to get them out quickly.

I think he'll read this and for once, I DON'T CARE. (And if he doesn't read this, it still feels good to vent). Until this morning I hadn't read his blog since that week almost one month ago, but because of his communications with me, I wanted to check it out one more time. He has a big ego. He thinks I care. He writes as if we all do.

I know I'm being mean and maybe it will come back to haunt me, but I don't care at all right now.

I'm tired. I have to work. The apartment thing is moving fast, so I'm starting to stress. I'm catsitting for three different "families" this weekend. I want my own bed.

I've whined about all this before. So I'll shut up before someone tells me to get a life. But still, I don't know why this boy has to keep contacting me. I wish he wouldn't. I don't like him. I don't want him. Truthfully, I've mostly forgotten about him. I wish he'd stop reminding me.

Cause I have a life. One that, for the most part, I'm pretty fucking happy with. Let's make a deal. I focus on my life, and you focus on yours...and mine as well, if you so choose, but just do it from a distance, okay?

From a distance...

The cheesy song by Bette Midler. But I won't go there now...

Posted by jamye at December 24, 2021 11:19 AM