December 23, 2021

can't write...

cause I'm supposed to be upstairs selling sex toys and all day I've been feeding cats...oh, and looking at sublets.

(yes, my blog has come to a pictureless day)

Sublets. Yes, I found one, but until I get the keys Xmas day, I don't want to jinx it. It's a strange building, but what I'm really psyched about is that it's a new location for me, with a fantabulous view of the Manhattan Bridge.

My own studio sublet in Chinatown.

I can't believe I'll be able to put magnets on the fridge, and write while staring at the most polluted body of water on the Eastern Seaboard.


I feel like Christmas came early for me, which as a Jew, might just mean that Hannukah came late.

It doesn't matter. I have a temporary place to call home. Almost.

Can you feel the excitement?!!!!!!!!!

Posted by jamye at December 23, 2021 03:12 PM