December 25, 2021

A lonely Jew

It's 11:00 Christmas morning and the church bells are ringing outside my window. It's the first real night's sleep I've had in a while and I'm mad at myself for not sleeping 'til noon. Not that anyone should sleep their day away, but really, besides Chinese food and a movie, both of which are on the schedule for later today, what does a Jew do on Christmas?

I most other Jews blog?

I am heavily PMSing and everything is making me sad. I cried at the movie "Big Fish" when I wasn't even really watching it. And I cried because one of my grandparents oldest friends died yesterday. They loved him so much, and it really put my grandparents time in perspective. And even though at 30 I have a better grasp on the concept of death then I did when I was 7, there's something about it that I can't understand. Even if, as they say in Lord of the Rings 3, death is only the next part of life, even if that's the case, death means one party is ova. But today's not about death, that comes closer to Easter, today, today is about "Jesus' life." Now, I'm just being sarcastic, but I'm not sure if you can pick that up.

But this is depressing stuff to talk about on Christmas. That's what happens when you PMS. Depressing stuff comes out. But it's Christmas and little children everywhere still believe that some fat guy in a red velvet suit has enough time to stuff himself down every single chimney in any country where Christians live and eat their cookies, drink their milk and drop off their presents. Silly children, but what an amazing thing to still believe in. A fantastical reality. That's the best gift we all have as kids. It's a sad day when we lose faith in Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. Although I never really believed in any of them, I'm sure I believed in another fictitious characters.

Like Freddy Krueger and Annie and Herself the Elf. These are the people or elves I thought were living amongst us. Sure one of them was the reason I couldn't go in the basement alone until I was 18 (Hint: Krueger lived in a boiler room) but they were still my imaginary friends to believe in. Even if they didn't bare gifts or good tidings, I believed.

So, believe in what you want today. You're allowed. Even if you're a Jew on Christmas, it's still Christmas, and, at one point in your Jewish life, you know you wanted to believe...especially in Santa, cause he always had the best gifts.

Ho. Ho. Ho. You know you are one.

Merry Christmas.

Posted by jamye at December 25, 2021 11:11 AM