December 22, 2021

iPod...uPod..we all pod together

sebbach.bmpbretm.bmpaxlr.bmpipopd.bmp Seb. Brett. Axl. iPod.

I love my iPod. I think the iPod is god's greatest gift to music lovers everywhere, and no one is paying me to say this. For a girl who hasn't had access to her CD collection, at least most of it, for over a year, an iPod is the best gift I could have gotten. I dreamed about getting one a whole year before I actually asked, and now, now I don't know how I lived without it for so long.

Before 9:30PM yesterday, I had 321 songs on my iPod, which isn't all that many, but remember, I'm "borrowing" music from friends, the only CD that I actually put on the pod that was mine was the Les Miserables Soundtrack (Disc 1) that I used at my parents house to make sure I knew how to work my mini music factory. While the process of uploading songs from CD to computer isn't a difficult one, it is a tedious task. And every time I sleep at someone else's house, I dream about their CD's and what new songs I can leave their home with. It's a pathetic way of life, but still my iPod and me, we have become the bestest of friends. Of course, I'm still searching for the perfect headpiece, because those small tiny white plastic excuses for comfortable headphones just don't fit in my large but rather shallow ears.

That isn't the point. Here's where I can't contain my excitement: At 1AM tpday, I had successfully more than doubled my listening collection. My iPod says I have almost 2 days (1.9 to be exact) of music worth listening to. I'm going to be brave and tell you what my musical tastes include:

Laugh out loud if you must, but I like my bad taste in music..
These are just some of my latest additions....meaning, additions as of last night:

*Skid Row: Skid Row (the entire first album)
*More Bon Jovi than anyone would care to admit fits in an iPod
*Jay-Z's Grey Album, which I have been assured is something I will enjoy
*Poison - at least three of their albums
*Counting Crows - two of my most favorite CD's that I have missed so much.
*Shakira - another album I was told would be a great find
*Billy Joel - waddya expect, I'm from lawn guylind...
*Monster Ballads - if you haven't caught on by now, I have a major soft spot for 80s/90s hair metal
which includes the 20 plus Guns-n-Roses songs that I now own (well, own in that iPod sort of way)
*Neil Diamond - just a few songs but anything from the Jazz Singer is worth a listen
*Madonna - The Immaculate Collection (Best of CD's rock!)

All the music that you wouldn't admit to, and probably don't listen to..this, this is the stuff that you'll find in the iPod I call "Your Mama's iPod."

That, and about 571 other songs. Some of which you'd love more than the aboved mention additions. Some of which you'd hate more or just as much. It don't matter, cause these songs are for my ears. My ears. Not yours. Go get your own iPod.

Posted by jamye at December 22, 2021 11:45 AM