December 20, 2021

Teacher, Teach her

playgirl_vegas_day01_take01 006.jpg
Time is of the essence today...
While everyone goes on vacation this week, it's all work, work, work for me.

Class - 7:30PM (I'm the teacher and although I've had more than enough time to prepare I have no idea what I'm doing..okay, some idea, but not as much as I should. Should I be admitting this anyway?) If you're around and you want to come, you should. Support me. Love me. Leave me - They all do. What am I saying?!


Wednedsay and Thursday
More work
Will I be angry at people who come in to purchase vibrators by the end of the week? I hope not, but after a few days of routine, I can get irritable.

Festivus celebrations on Friday. That should be fun. Peking duck celebrations on Thursday night. Okay, time to relax...well, not right now, but by the end of this week maybe...

Just thinking out loud this morning.
but at least I'm thinking...

Posted by jamye at December 20, 2021 10:08 AM