December 19, 2021

Vegas was...

playgirl_vegas_day02 023.jpg (a new version of pole dancing)

...a long time ago. I thought I'd write sooner, but life got in the way. Friday was by far the longest short day I've had in a while. It's strange to think about it, but my day was three hours shorter than almost everybody elses. I lost three hours that I can never get back. People do it all the time, it just sounds weird.

So, this Vegas trip, aside from Vegas being the most unnatural place in the world - where else can you see an Egyptian pyramid and a sphinx outside of the window of your airplane seat, was a great experience. I got to do some color commentary for the "Playgirl Centerfold Special," plus I got to MC the "halftime" show with this dancer Robbie Chow. Robbie sets his penis on fire, a feat I wouldn't really want to try at home. Plus, how do you realize that this is a talent you have? Are you sitting on the couch one day, playing with matches, and you accidentally drop one in your pants? Do you realize then that you like the feel or smell of burning hair? Or is it a bet with a friend, you lose, so you light your dick on fire? I don't know. I did ask, but I don't remember Robbie having a really good answer.

This weekend has been nothing less than something. As I write this, I realize, does anyone care what my plans are, were or will be? Fuck no. So I'll just say this. I'm tired. I've forced myself up at 8 this morning so I could actually accomplish some shit before I head off to work at 1pm. I'm in Brooklyn and I can't figure out when the trains will and won't run. I just lugged at least 20lbs of wood 10 blocks, and not only have I realized how out of shape I am, but my arms have that weak, jelly feeling going on. My eyes are closing as I type this. I'm leaving again for New Mexico in 11 days, and I have high expectations of my trip both there and back to Vegas. It's some of the only stuff I can think about. That, and maybe I have a people addiction. Oh, and I hope I have a place to live when I get back. And as long as it's not Vegas, I think I'll be just fine.

Posted by jamye at December 19, 2021 10:53 AM