December 08, 2021

We've all done it once

wor_to_decom 027.jpg do what once Jamye?

If you're internet saavy, and you know you are, you have, at least once in your life googled your name to find out what others might or might not be saying about you. I've learned a lot about myself this way, how I'm part of the alliance against Bush, how I was at the Red Hots Burlesque show on such and such a date, the radio stations I've worked at (fine, I knew some of this beforehand, but it's these little reminders that help me remember), and other things like that.

I hadn't googled myself in a while, so last night I decided to do it again. After all, I meet people every day and if one of them were to want to know more about me, what would they find.

I found ta few paragraphs about my blog on another blog that I had no idea existed. At first I wasn't sure if he was giving me compliments or criticism's and now I realize it's a little of both. I've highlighted the most complimentary part of the review because, well, because each of us wants to look good in the eyes of others, no? Even if we try not to care what other people think.

After I read this, I read it out loud to my friend L. who happened to be in the room with me. "This guy summed you up really well," she said. "He captured your personality." I guess. Maybe. I mean, did he really? And, can I stranger know you well if you put yourself out there often enough? Can someone you don't know, know you at all?

I can honestly say that Luke Ford has never written anything that I've found (too) offensive. This, apparently, puts me in the distinct minority. It certainly isn't the case that I'm hard to offend. In fact, I'm offended all the time. For example, I just checked out Jamye Waxman's blog.

I remember Jamye from, an Internet radio station that went out of business during the dotcom crash of 2001. Jamye produced, and sometimes hosted, sexologist Bob Berkowitz's show, which featured regular guest Luke Ford. But I seldom listened to the Bob Berkowitz show because I found it offensive. Instead, I mostly remember Jamye from the inoffensive Chaunce Hayden Show, which she also produced. Jamye spent much of her time searching the eYada closet for the official (pee) bucket, the show's main prop. I don't think that I'll ever get out of my head Chaunce constantly yelling, "Jamye, get the bucket! We're going to need it for our next guest." Yet I was never offended.

Chaunce Hayden was a talented radio host, but Jamye Waxman was the star of the show: a feminine presence and voice of reason. And when I say voice, I mean Jamye had the sexiest voice in the history of radio (perhaps in the history of all womankind). So I was thrilled to follow a link kindly provided by Luke on Protocols to Jamye's blog. It didn't take me long (less than 2 seconds) to be offended.

Since my blog is now "G" rated, I can neither link to the site nor detail the parts that upset me most. (Although I might be able to slip in Jamye's statement: '[I'm going] to make up a number of shirts that say Vote Kerry and wear them tight, right on my ____ ...") To be fair, Jamye's blog isn't all sexual politics. There is a moving story about a woman who needed 50 cents for the subway, and Jamye almost has a kind word for the grieving Nancy Reagan.
For those of you who have no idea about these shows, or what they mean, there's a lot of irony in all of this. See, Chaunce Hayden is one of the most offensive men on this planet. Bob Berkowitz is not. A lot of people hate Luke Ford, I am not one of them, and a lot of people hated the Chaunce Hayden Show. So this guy seems to be a tad bit warped on his offensiveness scale. Then again, so am I.

Posted by jamye at December 8, 2021 10:58 AM