December 09, 2021


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I don't care what Jesus would do, I care what Jamye would do. Or should do. Or could do. So here's the deal:

I've been reoffered the apartment that I turned down a few weeks back. Reoffered the apartment for $20,000 less - still higher than any human being would rightfully pay in any other part of the sane universe - but $20,000 nonetheless. I've also been offered some excellent financing for the next 10 years.

It's a cute, virtually closetless space, with a fireplace and one and a half bathrooms. I told them I'd tell them today, but I may push it off until tomorrow.

I can't think, let alone write. I've asked some more "experienced" people their more "experienced" opinions. They go both ways. The apartment is a prime location. Triplex. Small. Working fireplace. Brownstone. No laundry in building.

Should I do it? Will I do it? Why the fuck do I have all of these major decisions to constantly make?

Okay, not WWJD, but WSJD?

Posted by jamye at December 9, 2021 12:29 PM