October 30, 2021

Limecat* isn't the only one not pleased

limecat-5.jpg*Who is limecat and why is it displeased?
I've had a strange series of hours. A little more than 24 of them to be exact, and while at my most optimistic, things are "happy, happy, joy, joy," - right now my personal life lies in between what the fuck and holy shit. *Since it's personal, you'll have to understand and accept it as such.

I'm not sleeping enough, and as a result, I've been sort of but not really sick for quite some time. Yes, part of it is sick in the head, but the other part is coming down with something. And while it's running it's course through my physical body, my emotional body is taking a beating as well.

It's the eve before the Hallow and I don't want to go out. I'm teaching a sex toys 101 class where I work tonight, and while this should be exciting, I have a heavy heart and head right now. I'm going to be teaching til at least 11, and after that, by the time I reconnect with the outside world, Limecat will be fast asleep. I don't know why I care so much about Limecat, I'm not even sure if he or she lives in the United States, but there's something that I can relate to about hir. Something about that freaking cute lime helmut, and that fuck off glare that makes me think that no matter how unhappy I am right now, Limecat understands.

So Limecat, can I tell you something?...

Limecat don't be angry, even though I'm angry too. I love you and you're silly cut out lime head. And I love the way you stare at me as if I've pissed you off, even though I know I haven't. So Limecat, will you come over and be my friend? Will you love me like I love you Limecat?

Or is it just time to stop talking to a computer gif? Really. I think I'm growing more pathetic as I settle into my thirties.

Posted by jamye at October 30, 2021 06:27 PM