October 29, 2021

If I only had a brain

My friend Jacob did a watercolor of me last night. Then I decided to pose for my camera...

This entry goes back a few days:
I'm starting to write this the night before (10.27), or the morning of, the day I know it will be published, but it's been a shitty night. I'm going to admit something that would not make a proud man proud, I paid the wrong bill online for a lot of money. Let's just say the sum was $2,006 give or a take a few hundred and let's just say that the credit card company that should have received aforementioned bill is not as happy as the cell phone company that happened to receive the bill.

If you were the cell phone company, would you think it was weird that you received and exorbitant amount of money, enough to pay more than a year's worth of bills, all in one day? Or do you take this as a sign from God?

I'm so dumb. Cell phone/Credit Card...they do look the same when you pay bills online. There's not much I can do tonight. Except confess. Purging makes me feel better, but you probably already know that about me.

I never wrote yesterday (10.28), the day I thought this would be published. When you're a wanderer like me, it's hard to find a computer when you can't find a home. I guess I could have written at Kinko's cause I was there yesterday, but I had already had a shitty morning to follow the not so hot night before. I forgot to set the alarm when I had to be somewhere at 10:30 and I proceeded to drop anything of importance as I tried to photocopy my life's work at Kinkos.

At 11:30PM I made contact with a keyboard for the first time. By 11:30 I was in no mood to write.

So today (10.29) this shall be published. Know that I have made amends with the cellphone company and they promise they will be sending me a check for most of my money back. The rest will be used to pay my phone bill. Know that I'm am writing this around 9am so that I can have a blog to you before I go to work, since I will be "in the office" all day. Ha Ha. Funny. I will be at work, but I hate that in the office term...and no, I won't really be in the office. Know that someone loves you, although that someone is not necessarily the one you'll love back. Know that Jesus loves you, but he doesn't like me. And know that Verizon does indeed take extra cash as a sign from God, unless of course you call them on it.

Posted by jamye at October 29, 2021 09:15 AM