October 11, 2021

85 Broads


I think I love the laundry list...
First order of bees wax
Attention LADIES..the time is now...

On TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19th, we invite you to leave your checkbook and credit cards at home as a symbolic gesture that we no longer "buy" the glacial pace of change for working women around the World.

Business Week - September 20, 2021
She Stops Shopping To Conquer

If women shut their purses and didn't shop for a day, would the economy suffer? The idea gets tested on Oct. 19 by 85 Broads, a networking group founded in 1999 by Janet Hanson, who worked for Goldman Sachs -- headquartered at 85 Broad St.

BusinessWeek has learned that 85 Broads is asking its 4,400-plus members in 450 companies, colleges, and B-schools not to spend that day. Hanson says the "buycott" will show the gap between women's purchasing power and their underrepresentation in boardrooms and executive suites. Members plan to spread the word to friends and to women on college campuses. Women control $3.3 trillion in yearly consumer spending, 44% of national spending -- a sum that isn't just symbolic.
Christopher Reeve died yesterday. I'm not sure if this is as sad as it should be, seeing that his life wasn't really moving forward, so to speak. I mean he did make a couple of movies and appear strong on awards shows, but every time I was forced to watch him on TV (okay, nobody can force you but it's one of those times where you want to look away but really can't) I'd feel sad for the guy. He WAS Superman and now he was not...I'm sure some would argue that now he was more of a Superman than he had ever been before, but really he was a famous man in a wheelchair who could get the attention other wheelchair occupants could not. Maybe now Dana, his wife, can have a normal sex life. I know it's horrible, but that's the thing I always thought about. What kind of sex life did they have after the accident? Before, well, before he was a hottie and I'm sure it was good, but after, how's that for a complete and sudden change?
I have a bit of a head cold today. Only in the nose, but I haven't tasted this much snot since I picked my nose and ate it as a kid. Okay, not true, I've been sick in the past and have had stuffy noses, it's just I hate being sick...like anyone likes it...and, last night, trying to breathe was less than easy.
My 30th birthday is in less than two weeks, so I'm beginning the celebration campaign. I'll be mentioning this special event for the next 11 days - so watch out.
Have you read anything about the reporter Judy Miller and the possibility that she will be sent to jail for doing nothing more than her job? If not, it's scary and it affects anyone who cares about first amendment rights...If you want to read the NY Times article, click here
Last order of bees wax on this "bank holiday"...anyone love Ben Harper and want to go with me on Wed. to a free TV taping that he'll be performing on? It starts at 5:45PM - details when you RSVP. I only have ONE other ticket, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone, those two guys who created something little called South Park are on the show too. Ben Harper is the musical guest. It will be over before the debate begins. I'll be there..will you?

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