October 10, 2021

I met a boy

wigs2.jpg (this is a hint: see below)

...called Frank Mills on September 12th right here in front of the Waverly, but unfortunately, I lost his address...

If you don't know what musical that is from than you seriously better start doing your research. It's only from my favorite, uhm, how do I describe this?, musical where I don't actually love the book (spoken/written words), but I go ga ga over the songs...

I thought it would get your attention.

Where you happy for me for a minute? Or sad that you thought your chances with me were over? Or did you think for a second after I asked both these questions that I am an arrogant SOB who doesn't deserve you at all?

Just checking.

Cause maybe I did meet a boy and maybe I didn't. I meet lots of boys and girls and girls and boys.

Black Boys.
White Boys. (This is another song from that same musical btw).

I do meet a lot of people. In fact yesterday, a friend of mine from New Orleans asked me if I knew a boy named Tristan. Do any of you know a boy named Tristan? It seems he had my name and email address in his bedroom and wasn't sure how it got there.

I'm sure I'd remember if I was physically at his apartment and had given me his number (I wasn't) or if I met a boy named Tristan (okay, maybe this I wouldn't remember) but I KNOW I NEVER met him...She thinks he had a sublet available in Brooklyn, and I think I must have sent him a note on Craigslist...Regardless, how eerie..how random...

My horoscope for the week:
So much will happen this week that it will feel as if all your Christmases, and all your challenges, have come at once. Thursday's solar eclipse in your sign will both reward you for recent efforts and ask you to make even more of an effort. If you respond to the call, you will move to a higher level, one in which you alone decide your destiny. Have you got what it takes?

Holy shit. Care people. Care...

Posted by jamye at October 10, 2021 01:30 PM