October 08, 2021

The Drilling in My Head

Actually, they're drilling in my head. It's not my physical head in reality, but in the apartment above the one I am typing at because the other apartment, the one with the cat, unexpectedly lost cable and therefore internet capacity, last night.

When I get a place to live I'm getting a wireless card. Not that there aren't problems with those either, but damn cable, damn them I say. They are always having problems. Really. And when you call to talk to one of their friendly, professional staff, they usually suck. Okay, now I'm making things up, although I did talk to one really sweet lady about a month ago. Even though she was sweet, she sucked, cause she couldn't solve my problem. Whatever, I've yet to get "this problem" fixed, so I should just shut my trap.

I'm in a weird space as I type this. I've had a long day of realizing that I am so not in the same space I was last time I lived in New York.

...And fuck all of you who are thinking "cut the hippy crap right now," cause while it may sound a little bit "peace, love and sixties," it's the absolute truth. It doesn't mean I can't go back to where I was, I just don't think I want to...

I walked 4.5 miles so far today, and did an hour and a half of yoga...My body is exhausted, but my mind is racing...

Whatever. I have the keys to a friends house that has this beautiful view of downtown. It is also the very same spot of said drilling. But it's quite a spectacular apartment, and while this friend is out of town, I am excited to be able to absorb some of it's beauty. Sounds hippy-ish again..

So what???

I'm your modern day hippie :)

Posted by jamye at October 8, 2021 04:11 PM