October 07, 2021

Just asking...

They say you only get stranger with age.

Does that mean...

If I picked my nose and ate it as a kid, I will eventually start cooking my boogers for dinner? Have you ever heard of booger tar tar? (Is that even a word?)

If I like cats now, more than I ever have, that I'll have a harem of them by the time I'm 50? Will I be the pussy prosititue of Perry St.?

If I masturbate a few times a day, that I'll start jilling off in the street? Will I find touching myself in public to be a problem?

If my voice is deep and raspy now, I will sound like one of those old ladies who sounds like she ate a chimney for dinner?

I will remain homeless forever?

I will continue to dress in bright colors, that at least now sort of match, only to be walking down the street and have people think, "oh, that poor lady, she must have gone loony?"

I will never be happy in what I do, will I constantly struggle for something more?

Am I destined to be alone forever, even if I find alone comforting right now?

If as a youth I've dyed my hair some crazy colors, I will eventually be some old lady with blue and pink streaks?

If I worry too much now, will I only worry all the time when I'm my grandma's age?

Posted by jamye at October 7, 2021 04:17 PM