October 06, 2021


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No. It's one word, one compound word, like watermelon or basketball. Couchsurfing is the art of sleeping on a variety of couches over a period of time. It's about not having a place to live. It's about not having a bed to call your own.

I am a couchsurfer although sometimes I sleep on beds - still I call this couchsurfing. It's sort of like calling a spade a spade, but not exactly. Whether it's a bed or a couch, it's a space that doesn't, and never will, belong to me.

I've slept on two different couches these past two nights, and here are some of the best tips I can offer...

* Leather may look nice, but if you can't remove the back pillows, you can't possibly get the best nights sleep. Removable back cushions = nicer sleep.

* You don't need more than two cushions if you are under 5'5.

* The wider the couch, the nicer the sleep.

* You don't need more than one pillow when you sleep on a couch..cause a couch is sort of like one big pillow if you think about it.

* Never sleep on a couch you can't sit on (I'm not sure what that means, but I'm looking for more advice here)

* Couchsurfers can get a good night's sleep, although it's much more difficult to sleep on a couch with cats jumping around your face than it is to sleep in a petless environment.

With each passing day I become a better couchsurfer, packing a smaller and smaller bag of life. When I eventually do find a place to live I'm excited to know that I can get rid of a lot of the waste that has been a part of my package. Last night I was taught a good technique for cleaning out the proverbial or not so proverbial closet.

If you don't use it or need it than you don't love it enough to keep it around. With that in mind, I should be able to make a killing on ebay. And I will. Just wait and see...I will...

Posted by jamye at October 6, 2021 01:19 PM