July 09, 2021

Summer Flu

My talented writer friend tells me that yesterday was the coldest day on record for Birmingham, England in the month of July. Not in the last year, not in the last ten years, not in the last hundred years, even though these places have been around for so many more centuries than that, but in the last EVER..okay, ever recorded account of the weather. Although, I am sure, if it were bloody cold here in July 789, we might have no proof or if it were colder here in the summer of 1686 we may never know, and I will never care. It was way too cold and wet here yesterday. It felt like one of those chilly fall days, the kind that you expect in late October or early November, one that screams "get ready, winter is on the way!" and you pull out your snowsuit. However, today it feels more like summer again..well as close to summer as it can get up here in mid-north england.

What if I get the flu? Which could happen, you know, because when the temperature drops and then increases a lot, I tend to get sick. If I get sick that would suck, as I get on another plane tomorrow and I have none of that oscissillium, the miracle flu stopper found in any health food store.

If that happens I will be sneezing my way to Prague. Look out Czech people - one big hypochondriac is about to land in your largest city, and no hospitals or doctors should feel safe from her grip.

Whatever. I'll deal with it if and when it happens. Tonight I am going to party like it's 1999 even if I know it's not.

Posted by jamye at July 9, 2021 05:39 PM