July 08, 2021

How to learn about yourself in 1 day

Sometimes a stupid movie, one that you never planned on seeing in the first place, will motivate you in ways you didn't think were possible. Okay, that sounds life altering, which it isn't, but last night I wasn't planning on watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, except that my talented writer friend wanted to show me one of the first scenes, a cab scene that happened to be filmed a block from my apartment, one day a few summers ago, and having walked by the not finished product, she wanted me to see how it looked upon completion.

I happily obliged, only after Kim promised that we wouldn't have to watch the whole film. It's quite silly, she said, you probably won't like it. I would have agreed, for after watching Kate Hudson for all of 3 minutes her acting began to annoy me - it grows on you though - and I was ready to turn the damn thing off. However, two minutes of Matthew McConaughey, one fine, sexy actor with a proclivity for smoking pot and dancing naked with bongo drums - remember 1999? and I kept watching.

The movie was cute, and in some really bizarre way - inspiring. Hudson plays Andie Anderson, the how to columnist at an up and coming young women's magazine - Composure. Her next assignment is a how to piece...and it's "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." Cute idea. She decided to do everything that girls do wrong in relationships in order to drive a guy away. Although stereotypical, everyone could learn something from this, because guess what - WE ALL HAVE ANNOYING TRAITS...and sometimes we don't realize how annoying they really are.

Actually, I have no annoying traits..so that's not what I took away from this film. :)

Here's what I learned from the film. Aside from writing books, producing certain films and performing in my own one woman show, I want to work at a magazine. I want to actually have a monthly deadline in an environment where there are weekly assignment meetings and groups of other writers. I want to learn the discipline of constantly having to produce, create a magazine, and not just email in an article once a month - although I like doing that too.

I want to write a column like Andie Anderson, where I sacrifice parts of myself just to get a story. But then, I want to have a great personal life as well, with a hot sexy piece of love meat and a fabulous relationship. I guess I want it all, like in the movies...but don't we all?

Posted by jamye at July 8, 2021 10:16 AM