July 11, 2021

In Prague

Arriving last night, I was relieved to be greeted by an American face after what was one of the most bizarre flights I have ever been on. Well, not on, it had nothing to do with the flight, although I could have done without the drunk English boys coming to Prague for their weekend of cheap booze and women. It was more about the checking in process. The one where you wait on one line to check yourself in, then wait on another to check your luggage, and then, upon arriving in Prague you breeze right through customs. While in America we are so worried about airline terrorism - even though we've already seen it before and these people might get a clue and find a new way to instill fear into our lives - here in Europe, nobody seems to care about flying.

Easy jet..where nothing is free, not even the water on a flight, but it's a really cheap way to get from England to Prague. And now I am here, feeling a bit too old to be on an exchange program through a University. I've already had a very young 19 year old boy stare at me in disbelief when I told him my age. It was like he had never seen a 29 year old before, like if he touched me he would understand the gift of youth and the meaning of life. Freak. That's all he was. Young, immature freak.

I've been surveying the field of eligible Americans and unfortunately it is either way too limited or nill. Not sure which yet, although my fears tell me that it is the non-existant option of the two. However, tonight I will venture out for my first Eastern European experience in a very long time, and things may be different. I don't want Americans anyway, I can have them at home :)

I have a nice roommate, although I'm too old to have a roommate living in such close quarters. 4 weeks I tell myself, 4 weeks. If she can live with me that long, she may be a saint. Not that I'm a bad roommate, I'm not, but it's just that I am an active person. I don't sleep that much, and I like to be able to afford myself some mobility in my own sleeping quarters. She sleeps a lot more. Then again, she's suffering from jet lag and I've been in Europe since June 30th.

Whatever. I'm back. I have a computer and I know where to use it.

Posted by jamye at July 11, 2021 12:56 PM