July 05, 2021

The Smacking Debate


Here in England, the biggest news is on smacking and just how much contact a person can have with a child. The government here is trying to ban smacking that causes bodily harm, and while it is a serious issue, it seems like such a no brainer that it kind of makes me laugh. Then again I laughed when Diana Fiebert's mom burned her hand on the stove and when an old lady fell on the street. I am an evil person when it comes to trips and falls. Part of the reason is because I trip and fall and make a fool of myself in the height of what I think are my coolest moments. And I laugh at myself...a lot. I have to, I do a lot of screwy things that need to be laughed at. Maybe I was smacked one too many times as a child..hmm...yeah, that's why I'm messed up like this..yeah..

Last night Kim and I found a cozy pub and I tried to teach her the Microwave Game. The one I've explained here before, where you find someone that looks like someone else, usually someone you know, only they are more dried out or bloated or their left eye is deformed, and you say "Oh, that looks like my mom in the microwave for 30 seconds on high." However, Kim started to think that everyone looked like someone she knew, not personally but some actor or writer or something, and she tried to devalue my game, only I don't think she was really trying to devalue the game at all, she was just trying to get it, more often than it needs to be gotten.

We slept late again today. Well, yesterday I didn't sleep at all. I think the bed we are staying in is haunted, cause I've had some of the most fucked up dreams of my life in this bed. In fact, in one of them I actually dreamed that I woke up from a dream where I had lost my friend's kid. Actually, physically lost the child, on the streets of New York, and knew that he was not coming back. Then I thought I woke up and told Kim the story, only Kim was at the Internet cafe where we spend a good deal of our time, and I was still sleeping.

Freaky shit in London - freaky shit....

Posted by jamye at July 5, 2021 12:03 PM