July 06, 2021

Making a list

Today is my last full day in London, actually it's already more than half over - or just about half over. I've decided to write a top ten list of what I like about it over here. Keep in mind, some of these are fairly trivial things.

1. I like that there is a £ (pound) sign on the computer keyboard.
2. I like that it's really never too hot here.
3. I like that being here makes me appreciate New York City that much more.
4. I like that tonight I am going to see Jerry Springer - The Opera.
5. I like that, although the £ is like a monster that devours the $, drinks are still cheaper here than in New York.
6. I like Cadbury.
7. I like that London is full of these beautiful old, and historic buildings and structures and that some of them are meaningless pieces of architecture because there are all these beautiful, old and historic buildings and structures everywhere.
8. I like the Tube.
9. I like British Television a lot better than American TV, and I love that fat, ugly people have popular TV shows airing at peak times- and I'm glad I don't live here because I'd watch so much more of it.
10. I like the labels on cigarette boxes.

Of course for everything I like, there's something I hate - fine, hate is a strong word, but dislike doesn't cut it when you are making a list.

1. I hate that I can't afford to buy anything here, but I'm still spending a shitload of money.
2. I hate how proper English people can be.
3. I hate that some of the toilets don't have a very good flush.
4. I hate that a lot of English people really do have bad teeth.
5. I hate that this fat, ugly lady and her almost as large as she is daughter sat on the tube today and began eating a piece of fudge cake - without even taking out a napkin.
6. I hate that England is five hours ahead of New York, and eight hours ahead of California. It makes me feel like, instead of being in another time zone, I am in another world.
7. I hate that it stays light here until 10:00PM, because I forget how late it is and therefore I will never fall asleep early.
8. I hate that I can't share this experience with some of my friends.
9. I hate that everything closes by midnight, but most everything closes by 11PM (except clubs - but I hate clubs too).
10. I hate that people can, and do, smoke anywhere they damn well please.

Posted by jamye at July 6, 2021 04:20 PM