July 03, 2021

Rain. Marlon. Mary Kate. and David.

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I am obsessed with the weather here in London, therefore I must report on it's daily occurrence. Strange place, London. Everyday it is beautiful, sunny, warm and cold, and clear (as in sky) and then, faster than Mary Kate can do a line of coke (isn't that what she's really locked away for anyway?) it can go cloudy, gray, and the skies can open up, and the rain pours down, as if the clouds too are mourning Marlon Brando's death.

I am not really mourning his death, as he was fat, old and from the looks of it, in poor health for a long time, but I will always be in love with Stanley Kowalski. Not Stanley, actually, although he is one of the best written shmucks in all of playland - yes, I am partial to Tennessee Williams and his depressed sense of self - but young Marlon as Stanley - who just happens to be one of the hottest men alive at the time. None of this matters anymore, because Marlon is dead, and he hasn't looked that good in years. Plus, I think he had those dangly birthmarks, the kind you want to rip off someone's body, only you know if you tug hard, they'll bleed all over the floor, all over your clothes, all over the place. I have no time to clean up a mess, especially one made by someone else's stringy, dangling birthmarks.

I am having a hard time meeting English blokes, and the ones I have met are so totally disinteresting. So, while I thought a hot English muffin might make this experience a bit more exciting, I am enjoying the company of my talented writer friend who happened to puke up all the seafood she ate for dinner last night. Not only did she eat seafood, she got to see food (bad, bad, bad, I know).

I am not really adjusting to the time difference well either. Staying up until after 2am and then sleeping til noon, I can't get into the zone. It's a 5 hour difference, the longest one I have experienced in my last year of travel, but I know that I will adjust before Prague, and that when I get there the other Americans will be suffering a heck of a lot more jet lag than me.

And...I am reading David Sedaris. I've been meaning to read his work for some time now, only yesterday I convinced Kim to buy three of his books and now I selfishly sit on the couch and laugh out loud as I process his words. He is my new hero, since Marlon Brando is dead and Mary Kate is in "help" and I have no one else to look up to.

Posted by jamye at July 3, 2021 03:10 PM