July 02, 2021

It's Bloody Cold in England

longislandicetea_ leicestersquare.jpg You can take the girl out of Long Island....but, it will haunt her everywhere!!!

Not always that cold, but bloody cold a lot more of the time than bloody warm. I am wearing long sleeves and polyester pants and feeling quite comfortable. It's amazing how humid it is just across the Atlantic (okay, across and south a bit).

So yesterday we walked around the area. I am not bragging about my semi-stellar sense of direction, but I catch on quickly. I am amazed how much of the area I am learning, but this might be because Kim and I have done one too many circles in our search for things much closer to home than anticipated. We have literally walked half a mile out of the way to find that all we needed to do was go down the street we were on, half a block, and we'd be where we wanted to be. This way I am seeing more of London.

Last night, we ventured over to the Odeon West End at Leicester Square (which for those non-London savvy types is pronounced Lester) and then we walked (out of the way of course) to Trafalagar Square (which I may have spelled wrong just like Leicester). My talented writer friend and I went to a free screening of the new King Arthur movie at the Odeon, and all I can think of is that all of the money used to make this big budget sleeper could have been used on something more important, like say feeding starving children in Ethiopia. Why people spend so much money making movies is beyond me, and when they suck I understand it even less.

That pisses me off, not that I am pissed (off), as in drunk. There are so many words here that mean something else, something different than their meaning in the states. Like fanny. It ain't just an ass..in England a fanny is a pussy (and I'm not talking cat). I've been watching English TV to pick up on the brogue (again, not sure if I am using that word correctly) and it's quite good, the British and their sassy humor. Except for some reason they have Seymour Butt's reality showtime show on here..which is quite depressing and they call it "Porn: A Family Business." Watching that after watching the sassy brits makes some things at home seem even more pathetic. Like that show.

English TV. Sassy humor for a sassy girl like me. That may be why I love it here. That and Marks and Spencer - by far the nicest "market" I have ever seen.

Posted by jamye at July 2, 2021 12:56 PM