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Friday, April 13 2012

Hot Sox: Rachel Kramer Bussel and Me

cupcake photo: Trophy Cupcakes

This week’s Hot Sox Podcast is about erotica, bisexuality, hotel sex, wedding registries, babies, spanking, hoarding, Steve Jobs, Monica Lewinsky, cupcakes and anything else I could cram into one hour of hot sox. After spending a few days with Rachel Kramer Bussel in my new home in San Francisco, I can attest to the fact that it’s easy fall in love with Rachel and her writing. For starters, she’s super smart and sort of shy. She’s also a giver - the huge heart kind - and sweet-o-licious, like the cupcakes that she so generously dishes out to friends and fans alike.

On top of that, she’s one heck of a prolific erotic writer. At the end of this year, she’ll have edited 50 erotica anthologies, and she’s got a head full of ideas to boot (I’m exhausted just thinking about it). While you own’t be exhausted listening to us chat about our lives - both our sex and our singlehood - you may become inspired. So buy her latest compilations - Best Sex Writing 2012 and Curvy Girls and pre-order her newest hotel sex anthology, Suite Encounters, and Going Down: Oral Sex Stories.

Listen to the podcast via itunes or on my site and visit Rachel’s blog too.

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