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Thursday, May 26 2011

Hot Sox: Sex Nerd Sandra

I’m leaving town today, and won’t be back until Monday. From this statement, you should deduce the following:

  1. there will not likely be a so last week post on Monday. In fact, let’s make it Tuesday and call it even.
  2. there will be no other postings from me between now and then.

I now leave you with the latest hot sox podcast. It may not be up on itunes until next week, but don’t let that stop you from listening. I fell in love with the adorableness that is Sex Nerd Sandra many months, make that at least a year ago, at the Pleasure Chest in LA. In the past two years she’s come far (and come a lot, buh-duh-bump), and this sexy nerd is heading for the big time, I’m talking big, huge, throbbing time, no not really, I’m talking this girl is going to help take sex talk (even more!) mainstream. She’s about to start her own podcast for nerdist (I know it will be rad) and her writing is intelligent and full of the type of words that make you giggle. I feel like we’re on the same page in a lot of ways, and after talking with Sandra, I can happily declare “I’m a sex nerd too!”

We chat about what we both love to talk about most (sex!) as well as delve into masturbation (pillow humping!), sex nerdism, polyamory, and the clitoris. I promise you won’t want to miss this musical-less, but jam-packed podcast.

Listen now: Nerding Out: Sex Style

See Sex Nerd Sandra next Tuesday at Sexy Tales and Other Intimate Acts

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