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Tuesday, December 2 2003

guess who’s back?


This is me, Jamye Waxman. I am more original than my website will have you believe..like the name…jamyewaxman.com..i tried hard to think of really clever, untaken websites BUT, i wanted to make sure you could find me…
and guess what
Over the next few weeks I will play with this page more, and make it all better…actually my friend Andy Stepon, www.studiocouch.com, will probably do more of the playing than me…but that’s cool..cause I am a work in progress

I am back in San Francisco from my holiday vacation in Los Angeles. I don’t know how much of a vacation it was, family can frazzle me and I’m not good at pretending to be nice…does that make me evil?

Anyway, I just moved from NYC to SF…well not just, like two months ago. While I came out west to produce TV, I am now writing full time. This will be my online journal. So while I gather my thoughts and my life, I leave you with this…

what ever happened to webster? and what did e.t say when he phoned home?
inquiring minds want to know.

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4 Responses to “guess who’s back?”

  1. Jeff Newelt Says:

    wowza whatta site! waxwoman.com in da houze … eat a pork carnitas burrito in the Mission for me… also, eat a clam chowder in a bread bowl for me…. and while you’re at it, some Ghiardelli dark chocolate non-pareils…

  2. Al Says:

    Jamye, digging the site, hate your view (JK) and by the way I’m not wearing any pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Al

  3. jordan Says:

    On the subject of E.T. - I think phoning home was a metaphor for getting in touch with the self. After all E.T. found himself living in California with strange people, he knew he did not belong. Hmmm… am I projecting ideas into Jamye’s subconcious? I better stop now.

  4. mike Says:

    Thank God we don’t have to deal with you over here in New York anymore!!!

    That aside, I’m happy you landed in S.F. The left coast hath been calling you for quite some time!

    As for the website, it’s a good first picture, but you’re really going to need many more. Both close ups and from afar, plus a variety of hairstyles go over well. Remember, most people viewing this will be beer drinking males sitting alone before the warm glow of a computer screen, it’s your job to fuel the furnace!

    Good luck! Love ya! — diggity