April 10, 2021

Jenna J. and Jews in Porn

I try not to get obsessed with celebrity, but every once in a while I stop and find myself fixated on certain things. Here are two of them:

First, some of the scariest pictures I've ever seen of a human being can be found here. I have no idea why Jenna Jameson looks like she should be dead, at least in terms of how much meat is on her body, but she does. They say it's the result of a bad vaginoplasty, and that leads me to wonder why? why? why? go through the trouble of surgically altering your vagina, especially when it gives off the wrong message to men and women all over the world about what is and isn't beautiful. I hate that. And I hate how she looks right now. Gross. Scary. Sad.

Second. Yeah Larry Birkhead. He is the daddy of Daniellynn. Now the question is, if he gets custody does he have to keep the name? Anyway, the Court TV video brought tears to my eyes.

And another review of Under the Covers is up at Adult DVD Reviews. My personal favorite part of the review is about me (of course), although I'm not 100% sure I see it as a total compliment:

"Sativa Verte is the female sex subject of scene one. She's the perfect Jewess to fulfill any pro-Semitic fetishists dirty dreams. I'd assumed, on first impression, that the actress I saw was producer Jamye Waxman, who also appears, but in a smaller role. You don't see many unabashedly Jewy women in porn, but this one has more than you can shake a shiksa at."

Today's last link is from Colorado...and it's not about celebrity, but I can think of a way to describe it that looks like celebrity..well, sort of. It's about a place that may finally be doing something about sex education. Teaching children that celibacy is NOT the only way to be. (celibacy/celebrity..they look sort of alike, no? I know they're not alike, but aesthetically speaking, don't you think?)

If this bill passes then Yay! Denver! for taking a stand against abstinence-only education.

Posted by jamye at April 10, 2021 04:28 PM