February 07, 2021

My Parents and Media Whores

It's weird to see your parents on Fleshbot but they're there. It's even weirder to see your mom with this gaping mouth, moving towards the camera as if…. Is that supposed to be suggestive? And if so, do I want to know?

I mean I'm open about it, my parents do it, but still, that’s going a little too far. I guess I can't really judge them though, after all their daughter works in sex, and they did come to the release party for porn. So, yeah, they're in the video. Can you guess which one's my dad?

In other news...the media loves to talk about sex. Yes, there's a lot of sex news in the papers today. The NY Daily News did an article entitled "When I last had sex..." and it focuses on seven women discussing their sex lives. Inspired by a recent survey done by Esquire and Marie Claire, they ask each woman when the last time they had sex was. I assume they mean intercourse, even though sex is a lot of things, and we’re too limited on our definition of sex to begin with. The answers range from having it last night to uhm, having it last on the fifth of Nevruary. Surprisingly (yeah, right) the good Catholic girls are the ones who can wait the longest without giving it a go, at least once they’ve tasted the temptation. That’s because G-d’s a great fuck. Well, maybe that’s why. The virgin. I don’t know her story since she doesn't state her religion in her reasons. But I do believe if you’ve never had it then you don’t know what you’re missing.

One girl’s waiting until she gets married this year - her and her fiancée haven't done more than kiss as of yet, poor guy. This other good Christian gal, well, she hasn't had sex in six years because it just isn't worth it. Yes, some sex isn't worth it, but there's also sex worth it out there, that is if you like sex. Some people just don't like it I guess.

Which is once again proven in this article from the Times of India. Apparently a UK survey from last week revealed how women prefer mobile phones to sex, and I don't think they mean on vibrate, and this week there's a US survey saying that women prefer clothes to sex. Sure, fine, maybe those Christian women would rather have a new outfit for church then have sex, and sure other women who aren’t getting laid properly, or who've never had an orgasm, they might not see really enjoy sex and might prefer talking on the phone or shopping for clothes, but you don't need your phone or the clothes if you're having great sex (at least while you're having it.)

Okay, fine I like my clothes, but I'm not willing to give up sex for 15 months for a closet full of new ones, because, like I said, I like GOOD sex too much. Besides, we need to stop spending and buying so much in this way too consumerized culture (that's what my boyfriends taught me). So the 2% of women who are apparently ready to abstain from sex for three years for new clothes should learn that we are living in a material world, and there's no need to be such a material girl. Plus I feel bad for their partners who have to live with these materialistic sex-hating bitches.

The truth is sex sells, as these stories show us, and so people talk about sex, or not wanting sex, all the time because other people are interested in reading about it. So the women from the Daily News piece who aren't having sex are still contributing to sex by participating in discussions about how much, or how little, they're having. And the women who would rather have clothes than sex, they’re guilty of it too. (Yeah, and so am I, but this is what I do for a living).

I’m not saying you can’t go without sex, because I totally understand having those moments, but I also think we’re limiting our definition of sex. And honestly, we’re using the three letter word to get, if not off, at least other people’s money and attention by talking about it. We're all whores in one way or another aren't we?

Posted by jamye at February 7, 2021 06:20 PM