January 15, 2022

Vegas Roundup

So, last week I was in Vegas...stop me if you've heard this one before, at this thing, it's called the AVN show, well, actually it's called the AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo), but most people know it as the AVN, and that means Adult Video News Ė itís a company that has its claws in the industry, and itís the company that decides (for a certain group of people) about whatís cool and what's not cool when it comes to sex on screen (but there are lots of people who donít listen and know even cooler shit).

Really the AVN canít decide whoís cool just because they know people who have sex on film, or make sex films, or do something or other with film and sex, but it can tell you who they think is cool in any of the above categories. And then it reminds me of high school at a time when how cool you were was determined by where you sat at lunch. And if you weren't invited to sit with the cool kids then you were obviously a loser. Only you learned later on that you aren't a loser for not being cool, you just never peaked in high school and that's totally cooler. Because most of the cool kids who peaked are, subsequently, less cool now.

Iím not sure whatís cool about the AVN actually, because I think that it is what it is, and that it's not either cool or uncool. But this year, I had A LOT of fun, A LOT of fun. And because I have fond memories, I've decided to do a rundown of my favorite things about the show. Some of them are "porny" but most of them had to do with the B2B (business to business) section that was located downstairs, away from the fans and most of the implanted silicone (but not the other silicone, as there were plenty of lubes and toys downstairs). So here are some of my top moments from AVN 2007:

1. Freddy and Eddy, Regina Lynn, Abby Ehmann and Audacia Ray. Seriously, the second night in town I got to meet Freddy and Eddy, a husband and wife sex-toy tag team. They not only review a gazillion toys a year (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little), but they are two of the loveliest, most loveable and down to earth people I've ever met. They have what appears to be a ultra-cool sex toy shop in Los Angeles, the kind of shop I'd want to own if I too owned a sex toy shop, and I'm totally gaga for them.

Of course the rest of that bunch are old friends, but without old friends like them, and others like Brian and Catherine of Sounds Publishing, what kind of good time would I have at the AVN's? Answer: A good time, but not as good a time.

2. Totally random chance encounters that lead to good nights. This is actually how I met Freddy and Eddy, but this is not about them (even though they're friends with this guy). I first spoke with Jordan, Creator of Bonkum when I was writing my first piece for Womens Health, and he wanted to 1)be one of the couples, and 2)have his product featured in the article. They didn't go for 1 or 2, but while at the show I'm getting a demo of the OhMiBod from its amazing founder Suki (who would fall 4.women empowered companies), who once worked as an executive for Apple and knows not to use pod in the title so she doesn't get sued. Okay, I'm getting a demo of the OhMiBod on and some guy starts using another OhMiBod on my back as I'm listening to Justin Timberlake's song about back, but not the same kind of back I'm talking about, and after it's over I turn around to introduce myself to this guy who's vibrating my back. He tells me who he is and what he does and then we realize we know each other already and we laugh, and he meets us for dinner that night at a place with mud wrestling ladies and bikini bull riding (we do neither) and there he introduces me to the man who makes my favorite water-based lubes ever, Dean. He makes sliquid which if you haven't tried it and you like silicone lube, it's coming out soon, both glycerin and paraben free, and you must try it. And Dean is so cool, and we both have radio backgrounds, and he shows me the new packaging and products and I'm more into Sliquid then I was before. And this is a good night and this is what I love about being in Vegas this time around.

3. Oren. You know when you meet someone that just clicks with you, and you feel like you've known them forever. Well, that's Oren, President of Tightfit Productions who's got a policy of not using women under the age of 21 in his films. I totally support that, and totally love that I not only met him, but that he felt the same way about me too. And now we're going to be great friends (note to Jonny: just friends) and I can't wait to be able to get to know him better. Oh, and his partner in crime, Joani - she rocks too.

4. Women empowered companies. Like Erotic Cosmetics and Nookii. Both companies have women in charge who followed their hearts to create their own products. I love the Sugar Lips gloss from Erotic Cosmetics because it not only tastes like it's name (I have Whip Me Cream and Kiss My Cinnabuns) but they're as edible as Lifestyle's Kiss of Mint condoms, which honestly taste minty enough to use if you had to. Except they probably won't fill you up (you can't really it lip gloss, or condoms okay?). And I love how they look on my lips, the lips on my face. Plus, you can use Natalie's lipsticks and write dirty messages all over your lover's body, and then lick it off, and it's sugar free!

And I love Nookii, the original board game (which will be featured in the March issue of Women's Health) is so cool, and the woman I met totally wrote the whole game with another woman. Go girls!

5. Ron Royster. The man who made one of the most aesthetically pleasing porns I've ever seen, not only knows how to make a quality film, but he knows how to have quality friends and throw quality parties. I got to see the largest genital piercing ever,

The piercing.

and got to mingle with other great bloggers and watch a friend's trailer (to what is finally his first adult film) that is indeed both different and hot. If you want to talk about a year of good porn..I think this is it.

6. Mr. Marcus. I have a special place in my heart for this guy. I love him like family, even if he'd fuck my whole family. Seeing him in Vegas always makes me smile.

7. And what I loved most of all was that I felt this was not only the year of connections but I now feel there's a strong group of great people working in the sex industry. And I have a full year of plans in the sex/adult industry, starting with the movie I produced for this director. And in Vegas I came up with a name for my newest video series, and met some amazing onscreen/offscreen couples whom I can't wait to work with, and just had an amazing time despite the force fed air and lack of sleep. And yes it did snow on Friday, but it didn't stick.

So now I can't wait to continue to embark on this ridiculous 07 journey with all my new (and old) friends by my side. Yay 2007, Yay!!!

Posted by jamye at January 15, 2022 09:03 PM