December 25, 2021

For Christmas

Merry Christmas from me and the cat.

The following has nothing to do with cats.

Five ways I'd want my stocking stuffed this Christmas day.

1. With a Surprise Stuffing. The kind where you have no idea it's about to happen, and then for reasons beyond your control, it's happening. It would be like slipping it in at the last second. Could be a quickie, since you weren't expecting it, or it could be slow and sensual and a pleasant way to pass the afternoon. The nice thing about this stuffing is that it's totally unplanned and unpredictable.

2. A Mr. Spanky Stuffing. I like being naughty better than nice, and besides, who needs Mr. Hanky when you have Mr. Spanky? Okay, that was dumb, but I'm not going to take it out and I don't have one of those cool cross out mechanisms on my blog interface, so whatever. I want the human drums played on my ass. And then I want it kissed. And then he can stuff me.

3. An If Santa Fell Down the Chimney Stuffing. A little role play between me and Santa. Hes Santa and I've been waiting all night for him to deliver the goods. But now hes fallen down the chimney, and I've caught him. He can be hurt if he wants to pretend to be hurt, but it's not necessary for this to work. He can pretend he just slipped and now is waiting for a little help to get up. He decides his position. But then I get on top of him and I make the decisions.

4. A Scrooged Stuffing. This one's all about being selfish and can happen in one of two ways. 1. I stuff myself by masturbating. 2. He can stuff me but first he has to worship my body.

5. A Merry Christmas Morning Stuffing This means I go back to bed now, and try to fall asleep. I have, after all, been awake since 5:42AM. Then when we both wake up, we get stuffed before getting out of bed. And then we cuddle, cook breakfast and choose another stuffing.

HmmIm beginning to like Option 5 more and more

Hope you get stuffed this holiday season *whatever way you want to (be it with food or sex).

in Bah Humbug mood:

I won't tell you the sad news about James Brown this morning, since it's Christmas and all, but you can read more about it here.

Posted by jamye at December 25, 2021 07:46 AM