December 02, 2021

Podcasts and Pregnant Ladies who Drink


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Jonny and I did our first podcast on Soudish this week. We're calling "the show" Sex and Spirit because of the close ties between the two. Our goal is to explore our interests in both energies and figure out how to continuously unite them in order to create a beautiful concoction.

It's interesting because Jonny and I are at two semi-extremes on the spectrum, meaning that he's full blown studying gnoticism, and I'm thoroughly engaged in the dynamics of sex. When I say they're only semi-extremes it's because if you ultimately delve deeper into what we're both learning about, there's a lot of one in the other. We're still trying to figure it out ourselves, and this first podcast is an introduction into our relationship and our thoughts, and it's still a work in progress (but that's what everyone says). We're going to find that fine line between being woo-hoo and oh yeah (as in that makes sense, yeah I get it). So Sex and Spirit, Podcast 1 is up. For better or worse, for analysis and for critique, for praise and for pleasure.

I love podcasting. And I'm going to, at some point after I get my other projects in order, start figuring out how to vblog, or whatever it's called, so I can take it to the next level. I just got a new Mac (loving it!) and it's my first Mac in years, and really it's the first Mac that I love using because it doesn't come with an annoyingly small keyboard like those bubble macs did, back in the day.

But that's enough about the mundane in my life.

In other news, great article in the NY Times about pregnant women and drinking. It really does make you think, when you see a big bellied full of fetus pregnant lady, should you judge her differently if she has a glass of wine in her hand as opposed to a glass of water? And it makes me think, no. It's none of our business (well as long as we know she's not drinking like five drinks every night) and it's okay. In parts of Europe, like England, doctors are fine with a pregnant mommy drinking two glasses of wine a week. And, it's not like thirty or forty years ago doctors told mothers anything about drinking or smoking, and most of our parents turned out just fine (well, at least physically, if not psychologically too). What's the harm in a drink or two (after the first trimester)? I think the major harm's in the social stigma, and social stigma's are not cool.

It kind of reminds me of Lisa Frey, the girl we used to say had cooties back in grade school. How mean of us to unfairly access her bug situation. I'm sure she was clean, but we didn't care. And we may have stigmatized her for life, even though by now she doesn't even remembe, and she's probably some super rich, talented lawyer with a hot husband, good life and 2.3 children. She just better not drink if she's pregnant. Because if it's not the stigma that gets her, it might be the cooties that eventually do her in. That is, of course, if the cooties are real.

Posted by jamye at December 2, 2021 12:47 PM