October 12, 2021

Letting a cat go...

The cat. Sans bag.

I donít like to talk about things before they happen, but this time Iím going to let the cat out of the bag, even if that means this cat eventually gets run over, and dies, and never sees his dreams come to fruition. Howís that for morbid, or maybe itís more insecure, but regardless as far as Iím concerned thereís no deal until itís done, understand?

Okay, Iíve got this offer on the table, one that would allow me to produce and star in three ďhow-toĒ educational videos distributed by a major adult label. Itís a dream come true, really, but Iím having nightmares. I canít stand most of the educational stuff on the market, and I want to really make the best videos I can with the small budget I have. That being said, I think Nina Hartleyís How to Guides are really good, but Iím not Nina Hartley and I, myself, am not going to have sex on camera. So, Iím trying to figure out how to make updated, quality educational videos that are enticing to a whole new generation of viewer. Now, the questionÖ what is it that this new generation wants to see?

What would be the hottest sex scene you could imagine? Yes, I know, no matter what itís probably been done before, but what turns you on, makes you masturbate, or fuck your partner? Would it be two women, both beautiful, natural breasted goddesses, one of whom seduces the other into taking off all of her clothes and fucking her (gently at first) with a beautiful eight inch silicone cock. Would it be a man and a woman who reverse roles between dominant and submissive, until ultimately sheís in control, and heís down on all fours waiting for her command? Or maybe itís just a sweet couple having good old missionary style sex. What exactly rocks your world?

Posted by jamye at October 12, 2021 03:54 PM