October 10, 2021

Derek, Romaine and dreams

Listen to me...this Friday...I get to co-host The Derek and Romaine Show with Romaine (can you guess who that means I'm "sitting" in for?) The show generally takes a less-than-tame approach by the 9PM hour (it's on from 6PM-10PM EST) especially when there's a happy hour involved. I won't be slurring my words, but with open bar comes a lot more open conversation.

Now, last night I had a series of strange dreams. I've been having strange dreams a lot lately, but for some reason one of last nights really freaked me out. There were lots of small dreams, but I specifically remember a lady with large brown eyes and straight brown hair standing in front of me in a line, and she turned around to me and said "You're going to die if you don't do something about it." I have no idea who she was, but actually she was the second person in that dream to basically relay that very same message. I was happy when I woke up, realized I wasn't in line, and that I had to pee. And I decided I wouldn't go back to sleep if I had to go back to that dream.

I can't quite get the google search right, and in trying to find dream intrepretation of impending death, have only come up with meaning of dreams that clearly aren't what I'm looking for. I woke up freaked out, turned to my boy-thats-more-than-a-friend, and before he fell back into lala land he told me, "You're going to live a long life."

I woke up feeling a bit sick, as in stuffy ear, stuffy nose, and upset that I indeed had this dream. I think writing and working alone all day isn't helping, because I feel more lonely this way...but that's part of the deal when you do what I do (write from home). And truthfully, that's not the point right now.

I just checked out some more dream sites, and I still can't find the answer. I wasn't murdered, just warned of my death. Maybe I'll call one of those dream specialists (but probably not). Have you ever had this dream?

Posted by jamye at October 10, 2021 04:16 PM