October 03, 2021

Help me help you

I figure some of you might have products, friends or acquaintances you'd want to help promote, or things of your own to get out there, and I may be able to help. I'd love to hear about sexy products that are worthy of some national press. If you have any suggestions, advice, or leads for ideas (see below for topics) please email me at jamyew@gmail.com. I'm trying to keep all nominees to this year, meaning products that came out or videos made in 2006 (or are coming out in 2007).

If you have anything you'd like to share please take a moment and do so. I'd love a sentence or two as to why you love what as well.


Sexiest TV Shows

Toys (like vibrators, dildos, etc...)

Books – Two mainstream books and one sex book will most likely be nominated

DVD's (sex ones)

Games (sex ones or mainstream ones that involve sex)

Bondage - bondage tape…Paddles?

Lubes/Massage Oils

Bath Products



Mainstream Film/Movies – best sex scenes

Accoutrements (candles, feathers, etc…)



Sexy cities

Sexy music

Posted by jamye at October 3, 2021 07:09 PM