September 29, 2021


Here's what's up:

I'm mentioned in Regina Lynn's new Wired column about scheduling sex! (no link with my name though :( - oh well, I love press!) I don' t think scheduling sex is a bad idea, in fact, I think as we spend more time in the same relationship, spontaneity can't really exist all that much, and therefore scheduling is a good way to ensure that sex will happen. Sure some couples still have sex all the time, but I don't really know any of those couples in long term relationships. Anyway, that's my two cents.

I finally got my diploma in the mail. Now it feels more official. My masters in education (of the human sexuality kind, and yes today I'm using a lot of parentheses). I'm going to look into my doctorate after this year, but not now cause I still have projects in the works that I haven't been able to announce and that would make me a very, very busy girl this year.

One project I will announce though is that I'm really close to signing my second book deal!!!! My first book Women Loving Women will be out in June 2007 (Quiver Press). It's a bit of a picture book with words, but I loved the experience. It boosted my confidence as a writer, and allowed me to be part of a series of books that included other prominent sex authors like Barbara Carrellas and Susan Crain Bakos (the first thing you'll find out about her if you google her name is that she likes the feel of black skin). Regardless, I can't wait to see the book!

I found out that I'm mentioned in the Swedish Magazine Pause for being a great online sex site...I really am making updates (my Links page should be up soon) and I'm totally stoked about the mention, and feel that now I must become/remain a great online sex site.

Speaking of good things coming out of Sweden. I think I just fell in love with my first new vibe in a while (I'm not saying it's the last new vibe I'll love, but boy do I love it). I'll write my glowing review of it over the weekend (promises, promises), but if you've got the cash to get yourself one new sex toy now, or you can wait until Christmas and ask someone else for it then, I totally think you should make this the one. Check out Lelo's Iris (it's the vibe on their home page). I want one more day of play with it before I dish the details, but OH MY GODDESS, this one's a keeper.

I've started taking self portraits of me in a shirt (of some sort) and underwear. I have a wide and varied underwear collection, and really enjoying wearing undies and a T shirt around the house. Sometimes I like to wear socks with my T-shirt, undie combo. My latest photos include some white gym-type socks. Nobody has seen these pictures yet, not even my boyfriend, but I'm sure I'll show them to him before I show them elsewhere, although I'm tempted to put one up here.

Also, I've been googling around (as mentioned above in the Susan Crain Bakos aside) and found this NSFW site. Before you click, ask yourself, do I like blood with my porn? If the answer is no, then my best advice is don't go here. I haven't paid to see more pics btw, just been mesmerized by her home page - in other words, I know nothing more about the site. However, it has made me think about my relationship with blood and sex and how, although having my period hasn't stopped me from having sex, how I've thought about things differently during that time of the month, and how maybe I shouldn't (think differently about being sexy when I'm bleeding). Because menstruating is a natural, beautiful, feminine thing.

Just like me.

Posted by jamye at September 29, 2021 12:30 PM