September 27, 2021

Diamond in the Buff

Are you pondering what I'm pondering? (Note: I am not pondering the below entry in this picture).

From almost yesterday's "Daily News"

Dorky and strangely attractive geekster Dustin Diamond (Screech in Saved by the Bell) has filmed himself having sex on tape, and it will soon be available for your eyes only. Well, not "only" but as well.

The video isn't apparently your basic man-on-top-fuck-me-til-I-come celebrity video. It's got a "kinky" threesome and a dirty sanchez. While the act itself would not do it for me, it does feed into my obsession with people with scat fetishes. Now I must change the topic....quickly...

I got an email today from an older woman who wanted to know the best position to get fucked in "if you don't have a lot of sex" (her words). I answered her briefly;

really it's any position you like.

if you're on top you have more control and that makes a lot of women feel more comfortable.

if you're on bottom - (missionary or on your back) - he goes in deeper (farther)

doggie style - he goes in deeper

Spooning is always nice. he's behind you and your bodies cup. You get to be close that way.

Enjoy the sex.

I googled her email address, just to see where she was from, since it had an actually web address (not like or after the @ sign. And it was a Catholic School teacher. I loved that she used the word fuck in her one sentence question, and that she's probably this outwardly proper Christian school teacher. I hope my advice was enough for her. If I had googled her first, and realized where she was coming from (catholic school) I would have given her more details about the sex she could have. I didn't want to write back after the first email though, because that might have seemed weird.

I hope she's dirty. I hope she uses whips and chains and ties him up to the bedpost asking "who's your daddy?" I hope she rides him in both forward and reverse directions, and that she takes it from behind and he cups her breasts, one in each hand, as their bodies collide together. I hope she comes multiple times, and only gags if she wants to. I hope she loves doing it, but I hope she doesn't like.... the dirty sanchez.

Posted by jamye at September 27, 2021 10:04 PM