September 13, 2021

Bad jelly rubber, bad

From Making Waves

How safe are sex toys? - Greenpeace comes down hard on dangerous dildos (their headline, not mine).

When I worked at Babeland we talked about this shit all the time. Everything in bold is sort of lifted, or quoted, from the link above.

This is from some Dutch paper. Apparently the sex conscious Dutch have found high levels of bad-for-you phthalates in sex toys sold in the Netherlands. Seven out of eight sex toys sampled, including dildos and vibrators, contained phthalates in concentrations varying from 24 to 51 percent!

What are phthalates? They're chemicals used to make plastic soft. Apparently, they also mimic human hormones and can damage reproduction, cause liver and kidney defects, and upset the body's ability to regulate hormone production. There is some evidence they cause cancer.

In 2005 the EU banned the use of the phthalate DEHP in children's toys because of its damaging effect on young children. One of the issues there was that many toys spend a lot of time in the mouths of children, accelerating the leaching of chemicals and their uptake in the bloodstream.

Independent testing revealed that seven out of eight sex toys, including dildos and vibrators, contained phthalates in concentrations varying from 24 to 51 percent. According to Greenpeace Toxic campaigner Bart van Opzeeland, these are among the highest concentrations found in anything he's tested over the last few years. And think of where these objects go.

I've never been a fan of jelly rubber. Personally - don't like how it feels. Plus don't like what it can do to you. If you've got a soft rubber vibrator, I suggest you switch to silicone or hard plastic. I think you should also smell your vibe. Jelly rubber smells bad, really bad, as in toxic bad. And if you didn't know then what you do know now, it can be bad for you. Vewy vewy bad.

Masturbation good. Jelly Rubber Bad.

Posted by jamye at September 13, 2021 02:30 PM