July 06, 2021

Working hard for the money

Or lack of money, but still working hard.

If there are any spots left, and you're interested, I'm teaching a new class tomorrow night for Moxie. It's a Sexual Positions class, or "Kama Sutra 101" and I've been writing up a six page tip sheet for the class.

Of course it will be my first time teaching this class, so you might want to wait til I've gotten over the virgin experience. But then again, some of you like virgins. It's for ladies only, fyi, so if you've got a lingam (and if you're not sure you should look it up) then you're sh*t out of luck. Well, until July 13th, when we can tawk about anything at Sexy Spirits - and it's all about the lingam..or at least there should be plenty of lingam in the audience.

Anyway, until tomorrow...I'll leave you with this...

Tonight, if you can, try having sex in a doorframe. You both lean your backs against the frame (opposite sides of it), he's on bottom (or whoever is wearing the penis) and she's on top (or whoever is getting the penis inside of them). It will require some flexibility, but not too much, and it's just something new to try.

Want more?

I'm posting again on Souldish.

Posted by jamye at July 6, 2021 10:32 PM